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When it comes to CBD oil, quality is everything. We want you to experience the full potential of CBD, so we've made sure our products meet the highest standards. 

Premium Hemp Cultivation: We nurture and cultivate only the finest hemp plants, growing them organically in nutrient-rich soil (Organic/Biodynamic, Artaban is the only Biodynamic Certified hemp farm in Australia)), ensuring the purest CBD extract.

Superior Extraction Methods: Our natural extraction process preserves the goodness of the hemp, without any harsh chemicals or solvents. 

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A major point of difference with Artaban certified Organic/Biodynamic Hemp Oil...

is the very long slow infusion method designed to bring the dominant as well as the more subtle aspects of the herb, together in their natural balance in the oil. At our farm the herb is submerged in the organic carrier being certified organic olive oil and agitated regularly, whilst sitting 14 large stainless-steel vats beneath a copper pyramid and surrounded by high frequency stones. This process takes between 6 and 12 months to release the multitude of qualities in the herb.

Most Hemp oils around the world are produced by using solvents or gases to quickly extract the oil from the herb, leaving many integral components of the herb behind. These more subtle components deeply enhance the effectiveness of some of the more prominent components. Understanding this helps to see that simply measuring the amount (mg/L) of just one component doesn’t represent the potency or effectiveness of the whole product. The effectiveness is based on the vast web of relationships between countless components... this is known as the “Entourage Effect.”

Australian Hemp Regulations

Unlike many other countries, Australian Hemp laws have been rather slow to open up in accordance with the more recent medical findings of the extensive health benefits and medicinal values inherent in Cannabis. 

What is the difference between Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil?

Hemp oil is usually derived from the Hemp flowers. It contains many cannabinoids including CBD

Hemp Seed Oil is made from the seeds only and while it contains beneficial Omega Oils, it doesn't contain cannabinoids like CBD.

What is the difference between Hemp and Marijuana?

Hemp is the name given to low THC Cannabis, often from the Cannabis Sativa varieties. There are thousands of different strains with a vast multitude of uses. Each strain has a different Cannabinoid profile (array of cannabinoids) but being Hemp means its THC content is less than 1%.
THC is the psychoactive element that in higher concentrations creates Marijuana strains that have mind altering effects.  

What does 'low THC' mean?

THC is one of over a hundred of Cannabinoids found in almost all Cannabis strains. It is the psychoactive component that is known to create a 'high' or 'stoned' effect. Australian Hemp regulations require Hemp grown under licence to contain less than 1% THC to avoid the potential psychoactive effects.
Artaban’s latest Hemp crop came in at 0.11% THC at the botanical level.
Once the Hemp has been infused into our Oil, it is nearly 100 times under the legal limit.  

Although THC has been found to have many potential benefits, the psychoactive aspect can offset some of these benefits as well as impairing one's ability to drive and safely operate machinery. Research keeps discovering increasingly potential benefits from the hundreds of components found in Cannabis, including the Terpenes and Flavonoids. The ever-growing list of uses and benefits of Cannabis is proving that low THC Hemp is both effective and very safe. This is why many countries have now legalised low THC Hemp products and allowed them to be made widely available to the public. 

"What is the difference between the Oils?"

They are all made from Artaban Bio-Dynamic/Organic Hemp being infused (in14 stainless steel barrels) over an extended period into cold-pressed, hand-picked, Extra Virgin, Organic Australian Olive Oil. The barrels sit within a copper pyramid surrounded by large crystals and high frequency stones, and they are stirred by our dedicated crew every few days for up to 12 months. At the end of this process the oil is filtered to make Pure (purple label) Oil. 
To make the Original (blue label) Oil, an alchemical mix of potent Organic natural herbs, minerals, homeopathic, mushroom extracts and Organic Raw Honey are added to the 'Pure' Oil. These extra ingredients are regarded have powerful anti-inflammatory properties. These two oils are similar but also quite different. The Hemp content is almost identical with 10% of the hemp oil being High Potency oil added.
The Pure Oil is suitable for vegans and people with potential allergies to the other ingredients found in the Original or Nighty Night oils.

The Nighty Night Oil is a more recent variation with eight extra botanicals added that are extremely helpful in assisting with sleep and anxiety.
Performance is our latest offering. It has numerous powerful antioxidants added to assist with muscle recovery and mental focus, with 20% of High Potency oil added. Most people could benefit from this nurturing combination, but it is particularly good for athletes and people training or working out.

How is the "High Potency" Hemp Oil different?

We have found a unique way to concentrate the botanical without the use of solvents, therefore maintaining the integrity of the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. This allows us to make the High Potency Oil at approximately ten times the strength of our regular oils. 

What is the CBD strength in mg/ml?

This is a very common question with a somewhat complex answer.
Is the nutritional value of a tomato measured solely by its sodium content? 
No, that is just one element in hundreds, interacting with each other. 

To expand the analogy further, every variety of Tomato is unique, and its nutritional value is deeply affected by the variety, how it is grown, when it is picked and how it is preserved before you consume it. 
Hemp Oil is no different. It would be very convenient to measure its strength by the mg/ml of just one Cannabinoid, but unfortunately that would be quite inaccurate and deceptive. 
Every brand of oil made is inevitably unique and different. What may be particularly useful to one person with a particular set of conditions, may not be the best choice fort someone else. Or each person may need vastly different amounts to achieve the desired result, depending on their condition, the state of their Endocannabinoid System and digestion. One thing we do know quite clearly is that CBD requires others cannabinoids to activate its full potential, and the many (over 140) other cannabinoids in Hemp, also play a major role in supporting our Endocannabinoid System... as do the flavonoids and terpenes, (if they are well preserved in the process).

We also know that Hemp is very good at soaking up whatever is in the soil it grows in, so clean organic and preferably biodynamic soil makes a much healthier clean full spectrum plant.